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Table columns and attributes can be formatted using Label Lists. The lists named on this page are created and managed by Planimate. They expose internal model structures to the model itself which is very useful for models which dynamically change their structure.

These lists have names starting with an underscore followed by an upper case name. Default Label Lists have an lower case letter following the underscore.


This list contains all the broadcasts defined in the model. Planimate automatically assigns an index to every broadcast name. The System Broadcasts are assigned indicies starting from 10000.

_Change Tracking

This list contains names associated with Value Views which have the Change Tracking option enabled. Planimate can send a notification broadcast when these "watched" attributes are changed.

This is useful for indirectly tracking the changes in an attribute and is particularly useful for logging Object Attributes.

_Data Objects

This list contains names that the modeller has associated with Labellists, Attributes and Tables. It is useful when defining which data should be saved and loaded by the DataSet mechanism because it enables on-the-fly selection of which data to save and load.

_Model Classes

This list contains the names of all the Item Classes in the model. It is useful when specifying an item class, for example when using a Table Driven Entry.

_Model DataSets

This list contains the names of the older DataSet (Scenario) datasets, where a predefined number of sets were named.

_Model Objects

This list enables objects within a model to be referenced by other objects. It is very useful in Spatial Network modelling where Messages and Broadcasts need to be directed at specific nodes in the network.

_Model Panels

This list contains references to panels in a model. It is often used when controlling visibility of popup windows and in creating references to specific views in the model.

_Model Routes

This list contains the names of Track#Routes defined in the model. It is useful when assigning a route to an item in a network using tracks.

_Paint Objects

This list can contain the names of Paint objects in the model. It is useful where the properties of particular paint objects are being referenced by the model or paint objects are being dynamically copied and manipulated by the model.