Routine Step

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This window enables a line in a routine to be viewed in detail. The various parameters that the particualr routine operation accepts can be edited. The operation can be changed and a comment set.

Many operations will set a Result or Target. This might be an attribute, label, column or table reference, depending on the operation selected.

Double clicking or selecting a line and pressing Space will edit it.

If the UseDialogReferenceEdit option (Platform INI options, Routine section) is "No", editing is performed in-place in the field, enabling expressions to be typed.

If the UseDialogReferenceEdit option is "Yes" then a dialog appears instead.

After a parameter is edited, the next one is automatically selected. To close the window, press Enter or Esc or click outside of it. The window always commits its changes when it closes. Changes can be undone by typing CTRL-Z once back in the routine list.

You can use the left and right arrows to move between routine lines without closing the Routine Step Window. Note that an "undo" following this stepping will undo all changes to details made while the Routine Step window was open.

Up, Down
Move between parameters for the current routine line.
Left, Right
Move to another routine ilne without closing the editor.
Edit the selected item. During editing F2 switches to the reference selection dialog and CTRL-F shows a list of expression functions.
Esc, Enter
Close the editor
Edit the comment
Edit the selected item using a dialog. For conditions this will show the condition edit dialog.