Track Lookahead Separator

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The Track Lookahead Separator

Track Lookahead Separator mode is an advanced mode and is used in track modelling, where the modeller is building logic to manage the lookahead rules for a Planimate Tracks model.

This mode makes it easier to separate the "far lookahead" flow from the actual item movement flow.

In this mode a switch will forward track "checknext" lookahead tests out the first outgoing path.

Any other tests including normal item lookaheads and movements are directed out the second outgoing path.

The "Assume No Blocking" option works on the second path.

Track CheckNext tests (out the first path) do not depend on the setting of this option and are always performed.

Things are easier to work with if the assume no blocking option is on.

It is important to realise that this path is only "tested" by the lookahead mechanism - an item entering will never actually move along it!

Also note that Switches do not cache decisions made during track lookahead.

This makes the EnableTrackCheckNext routine operation work properly for switches in the track lookahead path (following the separator).